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MNTL is one of the country's largest and most sophisticated university facilities for conducting photonics, microelectronics, biotechnology, and nanotechnology research. Our 15 class 100 and 1000 cleanrooms, 46 general purpose labs, and 2,500 square foot biosafety level-2 bionanotechnology complex contain all the tools researchers need to conduct their work.

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All University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign visits have been suspended indefinitely in response to proactive policies instituted by our university to protect the health and welfare of all participants and attendees amid the global COVID-19 pandemic. All cleanroom new user training is canceled until further notice as well.

Latest Updates

Crumpled graphene makes ultra-sensitive cancer DNA detector

Illinois researchers, including Holonyak Lab's Rashid Bashir, found that crumpling graphene makes it more than ten thousand times more sensitive to DNA by creating electrical “hot spots."

Cunningham named a Royal Society of Chemistry Fellow

Holonyak Micro & Nanotechnology Lab Professor Brian Cunningham has been selected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. 

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