Research Facilities

MNTL is one of the country's largest and most sophisticated university facilities for conducting photonics, microelectronics, biotechnology, and nanotechnology research. Our 15 class 100 and 1000 cleanrooms, 46 general purpose labs, and 2,500 square foot biosafety level-2 bionanotechnology complex contain all the tools researchers need to conduct their work.

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Holonyak celebrated at Parade of Lights

Every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, downtown Champaign glows as the Parade of Lights comes to its end. It was only fitting that a parade illuminated by LEDs would have the inventor of the red LED as its grand marshall, our namesake Nick Holonyak Jr.

Structurally Designed DNA Star Creates Ultra-Sensitive Test for Dengue Virus

By folding snippets of DNA into the shape of a five-pointed star using structural DNA nanotechnology, researchers have created a trap that captures Dengue virus as it floats in the bloodstream. It’s the most sensitive test for the mosquito-borne diseases yet devised. 

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