Last updated: February 21, 2019

HMNTL is one of the few university-based research facilities that accommodates semiconductor growth and fabrication with biological experimentation in the same building. For the safety of everyone in the building, the cleanrooms are access controlled, meaning researchers can only work in the labs after completing proper training. The Bionanotechnology Lab is also access controlled, so users must first complete extensive training before working in this complex.

Cleanroom rates

  • HMNTL researchers pay $17/hour for cleanroom access.
  • Non-U of I researchers affiliated with another university pay $30/hour for cleanroom access.
  • Industry researchers pay $75/hour.
  • All cleanroom users pay additional fees depending on which specialized tools/equipment they use. Please review our specific rate structure for details.

BioNanotechnology Lab rates

  • All U of I BioNano lab users pay a $18/day fee, which includes some supplies (e.g., general solvents, pipettes, etc.).
  • Industry visitors pay $30/day.