research group

Faculty Research Groups

Center for Nanoscale Science & Technology (Professor Ahmad)

Radiation Surface Sciences and Engineering Lab (Professor Allain)

Laboratory of Integrated Bio-Medical Nanotechnology Applications (Professor Bashir)

Innovative COmpound semiconductoR (ICOR) Lab (Professor Bayram)

(Professor Best)

Photonic Device Research Group (Professor Choquette)

Nano Sensors Group (Professor Cunningham)

(Associate Professor Dallesasse)

(Assistant Professor Dragic)

Optical Physics and Engineering Laboratory (Professor Eden)

High Speed Integrated Circuits Group (Professor Feng)

Quantum Transport Theory Group (Associate Professor Gilbert)

Photonic Systems Laboratory (Associate Professor Goddard)

Illinois Laboratory of Integrated RF Microsystems (Assistant Professor Songbin Gong)

BioSensor Lab (Professor Viktor Gruev)

Lasers and III-V Native Oxides (Professor Emeritus Holonyak)

The Kilian Lab (Assistant Professor Kilian)

Thin Film and Charged Particle Research Laboratory (Professor Kim)

Computational and Quantum Nanotechnology (Professor Leburton)

The Lee Group (Professor Minjoo Larry Lee)

Nanostructured Semiconductor Materials and Devices Group (Professor Li)

Nanobionics Group (Associate Professor Logan Liu)

Smith Lab (Assistant Professor Smith)

Nanoengineering in the 2D limit (Assistant Professor van der Zande)

(Professor Yurii Vlasov)

2D Materials & Nano Device Group (Assistant Professor Zhu)