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Stillman Lecture Series

MNTL inaugurated the Stillman Lecture Series in the spring of 2018 to honor the many extraordinary scientific research contributions of Professor Gregory E. Stillman to the University of Illinois family. The goal of the Lecture Series is to invite key leaders in micro and nanotechnology research and development to share their thoughtful insights, critical analyses, and provocative ideas with our researchers and students. We hope to inspire new campus dialogue and additional scientific inquiry to enhance the education, research efforts, and professional development of our community of scholars.

EOH visitors to MNTL

MNTL Faculty Lead Our Community Outreach

Our outreach activities are faculty-driven. MNTL's researchers and faculty host workshops, hold specialized summer learning events, participate in "research experience for teacher" events, and conduct training for other researchers and students. Our faculty serve as academic role models, integrating research and learning, and increasing awareness of careers in science and engineering. They truly bring the idea of teacher-scholars to life.

Over the years, MNTL's engagement efforts have introduced nanotechnology to many local K-12 students, as well as high school and community college teachers and faculty. We have enabled hundreds of undergraduates to gain hands-on lab experience, and trained scores of researchers in bionanotechnology-related research topics and lab techniques. Take a look below, for a small sample of our outreach activities.

K-12 Nanotechnology Education