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Fall 2017

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  • The University of Illinois launches first U.S. nanomanufacturing node
  • Illinois researchers develop spectroscopic "science camera" system for smartphone-enabled mobile health
  • Bio-micro/nanotech researcher Irudayaraj joins MNTL faculty
  • Quick test finds signs of sepsis in a single drop of blood
  • Nanopores could map small changes in DNA that signal big shifts in cancer
  • Electroplating delivers high-energy, high-power batteries
  • Opto-mechanical technique circumvents mechanical losses using the action of light
  • New microscope technique reveals internal structure of live embryos
  • Chemical array draws out malignant cells to guide individualized cancer treatment
  • Handheld spectral analyzer turns smartphone into diagnostic tool
  • Bioimaging REU exposes undergrads to imaging research, what grad school is like
  • Q&A with recent grads: Moving on to Apple, Harvard Med, and Houston research institute
  • Facilities Update: LPCVD tool coming back online in MNTL cleanroom
  • Faculty and student achievements

December 2016

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  • New faculty: Gruev develops bio-inspired imaging technology
  • LED inventor wins prestigious Benjamin Franklin Medal
  • New label-free microscope images cell interactions
  • Nano-medicine approach to treating obesity-related inflammation
  • Illinois one of six schools to launch NSF-funded academic redshirt program
  • Cost-effective thermal management method for GaN power transistors
  • Tunneling holds key to high-speed modulation of transistor and laser development
  • MNTL spin-off company II-VI EpiWorks to expand wafer-making capability
  • In the lab: An update on new staff and facilities
  • Faculty and student achievements

September 2016

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  • New faculty: Dragic's research focuses on fiber optics & lasers
  • New faculty: Lee continues pioneering solar cell research
  • Brighter, more efficient green LEDs may enhance solid-state lighting
  • Enhancing transistor technology
  • New method yields small, stable quantum dots for bio-imaging & analysis
  • Novel FlexBrite technology IDs substances and their quantity in liquids
  • Testing a nano-based bone cancer drug delivery system
  • Creating faster, more energy efficient chips
  • MNTL faculty help improve manufacturing drying processes
  • Popular ECE 444 IC Fab Lab opens in MNTL
  • Where are they now?
  • In the lab: An update on new staff and tools
  • Faculty and student achievements

May 2016

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  • Silicon nanophotonics pioneer Vlasov joins Illinois faculty
  • Developing better energy conversion devices
  • Record-speed data transmission
  • Shape of tumor may affect whether cancer cells spread
  • New disposable biochip detects HIV quickly and accurately
  • Stretchable graphene photodector absorbs more light
  • DOE-funded work to advance adaptive & self-healing materials
  • MNTL spin-off company acquired by II-VI Inc.
  • Former MNTL director Verdeyen passes away
  • Where are they now?
  • Graduate student spotlight
  • In the lab: New deposition system to enable 2D materials growth
  • MNTL welcomes new managing director

January 2016

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  • MNTL launches industry affiliates program
  • Anti-reflection coating may improve OE device efficiency
  • Enhancing solar cell efficiency
  • Novel flat quantum dots enhance cell imaging
  • Synthetic tumor environments make cancer research more realistic
  • Center receives $25 million to build biological machines
  • Alumni connect with students
  • Wanted: Equipment donations

August 2015

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  • New Carle Illinois College of Medicine¹s impact on MNTL
  • Campus faculty entrepreneurial fellows
  • LED pioneers receive Draper Prize
  • Understanding novel materials
  • New faculty member
  • Patented transistor injected QCL
  • MNTL-related summer outreach