MNTL In The News

A digest of MNTL faculty and alumni featured in the mainstream/trade media

Can Bayram's work on advancing GaN-on-silicon scalability was featured in Compound Semiconductor, January 2017

Brian Cunningham's group has demonstrated a bio-sensor-based microscope that measures cell interactions quantitatively and over time: and work was featured on home page of the National Science Foundation, December 2016

Nick Holonyak Jr. and Milton Feng's most recent work shows that tunneling holds key to high-speed modulation of transistor and laser development: December 2016

Alumni David Ahmari and Quesnell Hartmann's MNTL spin-off company II-VI EpiWorks undergoing major expansion in Champaign Wall Street Journal, and Fox News (local) November 2016

Viktor Gruev has created a bio-inspired camera that helps cancer surgeons more clearly see the edges of where healthy tissue and tumor meet National Public Radio, November 2016

Brian Cunningham's group is developing technology that uses a smartphone's internal camera as a spectrometer Scientific American, September 2016

Logan Liu's FlexBrite label-free photonic sensor may have applications in point-of-care diagnostics, food safety screening, and environmental monitoring Nanowerk, August 2016

Xiuling Li's novel wet-etch method makes tall, clean finfet transistors Electronics Weekly, July 2016

Can Bayram makes better green LEDs with cubic GaN-on-silicon Compound Semiconductor, July 2016

Milton Feng's vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser breaks world record for sending data over optical fiber at room temperature Gizmodo, March 2016

Milton Feng's transistor laser switches faster with light R&D Magazine, March 2016

Rashid Bashir's bio-bots powered by light Popular Science, March 2016

Xiuling Li's collaboration with University of Texas researchers on ultra-thin semiconductor lasers, February 2016

John Rogers' stretchable electronics at the Consumer Electronics Show IEEE Spectrum, January 2016

Andrew Smith's flat quantum dots enable new cell imaging and drug delivery methods GenNG News, January 2016

Rashid Bashir's microfluidic biochip blood cell counter at the point of care R & D Magazine, December 2015

John Rogers' Implantable LED device's impact on pain signal Popular Mechanics, November 2015

Andrew Smith's brightness equalized quantum dots for biologial imaging research, September 2015

Can Bayram's career is profiled Electrical Engineering Web, September 2015

Kris Kilian's Synthetic tumor environments add realism to cancer research, October 2015

Brian Cunningham's new method to extract light from quantum dots may enhance display and LED lighting technology Science Daily, August 2015

Nick Holonyak Jr. and Milton Feng’s transistor laser may bring faster broadband communications, Compound Semiconductor, May 2015

Paul Braun’s high-performance 3D microbattery is suitable for large-scale on-chip integration with microelectronic devices, The Engineer, May 2015

John Roger’s temporary biostamp sensor may replace today’s clunky biomedical sensors, IEEE Spectrum, May 2015

Nick Holonyak Jr., George Craford, and Russ Dupuis among recipients of 2015 Draper Prize for LED technology, Compound Semiconductor, January 2015

John Rogers among 8 scientists who are changing the world, Yahoo UK, December 2014

Gary Eden’s water purification startup wins $300,000 prize, ChicagoInno, November 2014

Xiuling Li creates powerful 3-D microtube platform to study neuron growth, Nanowerk News, November 2014

Gary Eden’s new optical amplifier design paves the way for power-on-a-chip applications, ECN magazine, August 2014

Brian Cunningham’s smartphone-based biosensor, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News, August 2014

Rashid Bashir's muscle-powered biobots, Forbes magazine, July 2014

Gabriel Popescu's research featured in R&D Magazine, 9/5/14 Banked blood grows stiffer with age, study finds

John Roger's research featured on NPR, 8/23/14 New camouflage material is a color-change artist

Brian Cunningham's research featured in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, 8/6/14 Smartphone based biosensors - Just what the mdiagnostician ordered

Daniel Wasserman’s nano-antenna arrays could enhance the detection of small volumes of materials, Science Daily, September 2013

Xiuling Li is part of a team that developed a first-ever large(wafer)-scale production of III-V semiconductor nanowires,, June 2013

Rashid Bashir’s lab-on-a-chip advances, Scicasts, February 2013