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2017 Summary of MNTL Faculty Awards & Recognition

MNTL values the hard work of our faculty and recognizes the importance of awards in developing and sustaining excellence across the wide range of activities involved in teaching, research, and public service. Here are just a few examples of MNTL faculty achievements and recognition for 2017:

In addition to industry and professional recognition, scholarly output points to faculty who are highly engaged in research activities and disseminating their insights and knowledge in productive ways, throughout academia and society. MNTL faculty had a busy 2017, as evidenced by this data:

  • Citations  10,318
  • Articles Published  147
  • Book Chapters  5
  • Invited Talks  46
  • Conference Presentations  61
  • Issued Patents  10

Students at MNTL event.
Students at MNTL event.

Working in the Cleanroom.
Working in the Cleanroom.