study group

Benefits for Affiliates

The following is a summary list of benefits offered to members.

Member Benefits

  • Shared sponsored precompetitive research, similar to the NSF I/UCRC model.
  • Access to a secure online Portal including (1) graduate student research topics to facilitate recruiting and develop research partnerships with interested MNTL IAP members, (2) archived webinars not open to the public, and (3) organized MNTL IAP project updates.
  • Federal Grant Proposal support. ERC’s, STC’s, and several other large center-type grant proposals require strong industry support, which is coordinated through the MNTL IAP. Other federal funding opportunities also require a strong industry affiliates program such as NSF GOALI (Grant Academic for Academic Liaison with Industry) and PFI-AIR (Accelerating Innovation Research).
  • Technical webinars, securely presented at least once per month. These will be archived for IAP member-viewing only.
  • Annual MNTL Forum, including Industry Advisory Board project selection, technical working groups, student poster sessions, and keynotes presented by distinguished alumni and faculty presentations of recent Illinois innovations.
  • Educational Program in the Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory. Our staff will develop specialized courses and webinars in response to Industry needs. We will also coordinate with the BioE MS in Bioinstrumentation program and other University of Illinois offerings as needed.
  • Facilitated Access to Illinois Faculty, students, and MNTL staff. We will coordinate company visits with the College of Engineering and campus offices of Corporate Relations, University Office of Corporate Relations, and other colleges, as needed.
  • Exchange of Visitors. Through the MNTL IAP, arrangements will be coordinated for company visitors to spend time at the University, and students and faculty to spend time at select companies. This includes facilitation of seminars and temporary office space, as negotiated.
  • Interaction with Industry Representatives from other member companies. Many research themes developed at MNTL require coordination with companies and organizations at different points of the value chain for successful technology transfer. The MNTL IAP will serve this purpose. Examples include biosensors for agriculture, water quality monitoring, bioenergy, and pharmaceutical process monitoring.
  • Assistance to establish University of Illinois Contracts. As needs for specialized directed projects develop outside of the MNTL IAP, this process will be facilitated by the MNTL IAP Managing Director.