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Metricon Model 2010/M Prism Coupler

Metricon Model 2010/M Prism Coupler

Photo of Metricon Model 2010/M Prism Coupler

The Metricon Model 2010/M Prism Coupler utilizes advanced optical waveguiding techniques to rapidly and accurately measure both the thickness and the refractive index/birefringence of dielectric and polymer films. Our system is equipped with four different lasers at wavelength:449nm,633nm,963nm and 1540nm. It can therefore allow us to measure refractive index at four different wavelengths and provide Cauchy dispersion fitting (index vs wavelength) Two prisms with are included in the system to cover index from 1.45-2.4

Prism#200-P4 Si dioxide(n=1.46) >720nm, Si oxynitride(n=1.8) >400nm, Si nitride(n=2.0) >320nm

Prism#200-P2 Si oxynitride(n=1.8) >600nm, Si nitride(n=2.0) >400nm, Li niobate(n=2.2) >350nm, Si carbide(n=2.40) >300nm

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SEM image of 30nm Au disc

Intensity versus angle for 461.4nm Si nitride film with 3 guiding modes

SEM image of sputtering Au particles

Cauchy dispersion fit for Si nitride film with 449nm, 633nm, and 963nm wavelength