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Jipelec Rapid Thermal Processor (RTP)

Jipelec Rapid Thermal Processor (RTP)

The Jipelec JetFirst RTP feature a temperature measurement and control system to provide accurate and repeatable thermal behavior from low to high temperatures

The lamp array, upper flange and quartz window are mounted in a rotating top lid allowing full access to the chamber for easy loading and unloading of the wafers and piece-parts samples


  • RTA: Annealing for silicon and III-V wafers
  • RTO: Rapid Thermal Oxidation
  • Contact Alloying 


  • Up to 150 mm wafers
  • Cold wall chamber technology
  • Pyrometer and thermocouple temperature control
  • Atmospheric and vacuum process capability
  • One purge gas line
  • 2 process gases are connected:
    1. N2
    2. O2
  • PC control
  • Vacuum valve and vacuum gauge


  • Temperature range: ambient to 700°C
  • Ramp rate: 1°C/s to 30°C/s

Jipelec RTP Instructions (pdf)