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EVG Aligner

EVG 620 Mask Aligners


The EVG 620 is an i-line (365 nm) mask aligner capable of 0.5 micron feature resolution and can attain one-micron frontside and two-micron backside alignment accuracy (based on the operator’s ability). The aligner is currently configured with a 5-inch mask plate holder (for aligning 4-inch wafers) and can accommodate masks of different thicknesses. A 7-inch mask plate holder (for 6-inch wafers) is also available, and a 4-inch mask plate holder (for 3-inch wafers) is on order. Smaller wafers and pieces can be aligned with the appropriate chuck.

Please contact the Xin Yu if you are interested in getting training on this tool.

Training Video

Standard EVG recipe on AZ1505 resist
Photomask=light field, Cr/Quartz
3inch Si wafer, wafer thickness=380um
Spin coating=1000rpm 10sec with Ramp=100rpm/sec, 5000rpm 40sec with Ramp=250rpm/sec, PR thickness=860nm
Remove edge bead
Soft bake=110C 1min
EVG-620 aligner: Standard mode soft contact exposure, Dose=45mJ/cm2
Development: MIF917 30sec
Diener O2 descumming: recipe 5, 1min

SEM image of cross section PR

SSEM image of cross section PR