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MNTL Atrium Display

Thanks to the generous support of alumni who studied under Professors Nick Holonyak Jr. and Greg Stillman in EERL, MNTL created a dynamic display in the building’s atrium in 2016 to showcase the scientific giants whose breakthroughs helped launch the information technology revolution, and ultimately made a facility like MNTL a necessity.

We invite you to join us in Phase II of the atrium project, where we will feature additional displays that highlight the groundbreaking work that is occurring at MNTL.

Phase II research highlights:

  • biologically inspired nanosensors that turn a smartphone into an accurate and inexpensive way to detect diseases and pathogens.
  • engineered nano-BioBots that may someday replace animals for drug testing or be used to detect and neutralize toxins in the environment.
  • a new III-V device architecture for solar cells that can outperform commercially available silicon solar cells.
  • the transistor laser, which offers the potential for much faster broadband communications, both for long-haul telecommunications networks and for short-haul connections between and within chips for photonic integrated circuits.
  • the work of former MNTL faculty like Ilesanmi Adesida, Steve Bishop, K.Y. Norman Cheng, Shun-Lien Chuang, Jim Coleman, K.C. Hsieh, Greg Stillman, and others.

With your generous support, these displays will educate and encourage our students to strive to meet the high standards set by the likes of John Bardeen, Jack Kilby, C.T. Sah, Nick Holonyak Jr, and others.

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