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Communications Office


The Micro & Nanotechnology Laboratory Communications Office is responsible for:

  • Serving as the liaison with campus-level communicators, the campus News Bureau, and communications colleagues throughout the College of Engineering.
  • Collaborating with fellow communications professionals throughout the College of Engineering to showcase and promote the college, and particularly, MNTL, accomplishments and news.
  • Marketing and branding MNTL. Working to assure branding practices are consistent throughout MNTL communications activities and vehicles.
  • Overseeing the conceptualization, writing, editing, and production of publications, as well as non-print media, including MNTL’s annual highlights report.
  • Creating and/or deploying digital communications such as email announcements, enewsletters, and PowerPoint template(s) and presentations as needed.
  • Forwarding relevant email announcements from external sources as needed.
  • Leading and facilitating website development and maintenance.
  • Developing and deploying social media content as needed, and monitoring related accounts and activity.
  • Coordinating the MNTL Stillman Lecture Series, held each Fall and Spring; MNTL event support.

Contact Information

Janet L. McGreevy
Assistant Director of Communications
2000E Micro & Nanotechnology Lab
208 N. Wright Street
Urbana, Illinois  61801

Communications Information, Tools & Tips

MNTL Downloads & Templates
Digital Sign Advertising in MNTL’s Atrium
Preparing for Media Interviews
Other Communications Resources

MNTL Downloads & Templates

During the Fall term in 2017, Illinois launched a new visual identity. Given this, communications items created by MNTL should strive to use these branding guidelines as a framework. Below are useful file downloads to assist you in creating on-brand communications pieces. Please note that the Illinois mark or I mark should be included in official campus communications publications.

Digital Sign Advertising in MNTL's Atrium

Digital signage is a dynamic visual communication medium. MNTL faculty researchers, staff, and students are encouraged to promote building updates, events such as workshops or symposia, corporate visits, and student recruiting events using the digital sign in the Atrium. Colleagues from around the university family may also consider requesting that their digital slide be showcased at MNTL. This service is free of charge and the sign is in a highly visible building location.

You may email your completed digital sign slide to Please note that we reserve the right to refuse to post a digital ad. Ideally, your slide’s content should have a broad appeal to faculty, staff, or students. First priority for digital slides will be given to those that are likely to appeal to MNTL or College of Engineering faculty, staff, and students.

Digital Sign Slide Tips

Your digital sign slide should be 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels tall. Digital sign slides deploy using a landscape orientation. The format should be a high-quality .jpg file with a related .jpg filename extension.

Thoughtfully consider the font size and type that you decide to use in your slide. Most digital signs are viewed from a distance of 7 to 10 feet away. A 20 pt font can generally be seen from about 7 feet away, while a 100 pt font can normally be seen from 26 feet away. Sans-serif fonts are often regarded as the easiest to read.

Be sure to include the start and end dates for your slide, when you email your request for it to be posted. Keep in mind the timing related to your event or announcement.  For example, would it be better for your event to be advertised for 10 days or a week prior to the event? It is unlikely that we will be able to post your slide on the same day of your event, and that is not really adequate time to promote an event or news item.

Preparing for Media Interviews

Periodically, scientists and researchers find that they need to interact with media representatives, typically to talk about their research or to offer expert opinion on a key topic that is currently in the news. The campus Public Affairs Office has some tips for interview preparation that you might find helpful. Also feel free to connect with the MNTL Communications Office if you’d like to talk through your approach.

Other Communications Resources

Illinois Brand Guidelines

Campus Writing Style Guide

University of Illinois blog and microsite publishing service