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Klaus J. Schulten

Klaus J. Schulten

Ph.D., Chemical Physics, Harvard University, 1974

Research Statement:
Theory and Simulation of Biopolymer Aggregates

Our research focuses on the structure, dynamics, and function of biopolymer aggregates, e.g., lipds and proteins forming the photosynthetic apparatus in plants that absorbs sun light and produces the energy-rich molecule ATP. The studies require very-large-scale computer simulations and have become possible through the development of statistical mechanical theory, efficient algorithms, graphics tools, a simulation program, and the group's network of powerful workstations which function as a high-performance parallel computer.
MDScope is an integrated set of computational tools which functions as an interactive visual computing environment for the simulation and study of biopolymers. The project implements standard visualization and simulation methods and offers a foundation for testing new algorithms and capabilities. MDScope computational environment for structural biology

At the core of MDScope are three major software components:
- VMD - a visualization program for interactive display and animation of molecules;
- NAMD - a parallel, distributed-memory, molecular dynamics program designed to be scalable, modular, and portable;
- MDComm - a protocol and library which functions as the communications agent between VMD and NAMD.
The programs can be used together or independently.
For more information:
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Honors, Recognition, and Outstanding Achievements:

  • Professor in the Center for Advance Study, University of Illinois (2013)
  • Distinguished Service Award, Biophysical Society (2013)
  • Fellow of the Biophysical Society (2012)
  • IEEE Computer Society Sidney Fernbach Award (2012)
  • Award in Computational Biology, International Society of Quantum Biology and Pharmacology (2008)
  • Humboldt Award of the German Humboldt Foundation (2004)
  • Swanlund Endowed Chair, University of Illinois (1997)
  • Selected University of Illinois Scholar (1996)
  • Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Studies, Hebrew University (1994, 1998-99)
  • Fellow of the American Physical Society (1993)
  • DuPont Young Faculty Award (1989)
  • Arnold O. Beckman Award, University of Illinois Center for Advanced Study (1989)
  • Nernst Prize of the Physical Chemistry Society of Germany (1981)