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Trion Minilock - Orion PECVD System

STS Mixed-Frequency Nitride PECVD System


The Trion Minilock-Orion PECVD is a dual frequency system (13.56 MHz and 380 kHz) configured for silicon dioxide (SiO2) films.  Samples are loaded into the process chamber via a vacuum load lock. The load lock allows the chamber to remain permanently under vacuum, thereby keeping the reaction chamber isolated from the atmosphere.  The tool is set up to handle full 6” wafers, but smaller diameter substrates and wafer pieces can be processed using a 6” carrier wafer.

The SiO2 recipes will include a high deposition rate and a low deposition rate recipe. 
The high deposition recipe is configured for ~2470A/min +/- 50A with a variation < +/-3% across a 4” wafer.
The low deposition recipe is configured for ~320A/min +/- 25A with a variation < +/-3% across a 4” wafer.
Custom recipes will be generated at the discretion of the Super-User. 


Operation Procedure (pdf)