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JEOL JBX-6000FS Electron Beam Lithography System

System Description:

The JBX-6000FS/E is an electron beam lithography system equipped with a thermal field emission electron gun with ZrO/W emitter. The accelerating voltage is normally operated at 50kV. It is used for research that requires ultra fine pattern exposure with resolution down to 10nm routinely achieved in PMMA resist. It incorporates two different objective lenses with maximum field size of 80 and 800 micron respectively. Field stitching error is typically less than 40nm. Standard sample holder can accomodate 2", 3" 4" and 6" wafer. Pieces holder can be use for smaller sample with sample size from 1 to 3cm. GDSII format CAD file will be converted to the scanner format for exposure.

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Last Updated: Nov 2013

  100nm pitch grating
  10nm diameter dot
  75nm pitch grating
  10nm line
  100nm triangle with 10nm gap
  10nm stitching error