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QFI InfraScope II

System Description:

The InfraScope II? system is an advanced infrared microscope which measures the radiance, in units of mW/cm2, from target objects. The instrument uses this information to calculate the actual temperature of a target. The optical head contains the liquid nitrogen-cooled 256x256 element Indium-Antimonide (InSb) infrared focal plane array (IRFPA) detector covering wavelength from 2-5.5 microns.Three focus lenses with magnifications of 1X, 5X, and 15X are available. The spatial resolution at 15X is about 3 microns and temparature resolution is about 0.1 degree C (at 80 degree C) with temperature range from 30-300 degree C.

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Last Updated: Nov 2013

  Radiance before bias
  Radiance after bias
  Hot spot detection at 5X
  Hot spot detection at 15X
  Temperature profile analysis