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Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory
208 North Wright Street Urbana, Illinois 61801


Office hours 8:30a - 5:00p


Phone: 217-333-3097
Fax: 217-244-6375


EVG 620 Mask Aligners


The EVG 620 is an i-line (365 nm) mask aligner capable of 0.5 micron feature resolution and can attain one-micron frontside and two-micron backside alignment accuracy (based on the operator’s ability).  The aligner is currently configured with a 5-inch mask plate holder (for aligning 4-inch wafers) and can accommodate masks of different thicknesses.  A 7-inch mask plate holder (for 6-inch wafers) is also available, and a 4-inch mask plate holder (for 3-inch wafers) is on order. Smaller wafers and pieces can be aligned with the appropriate chuck.

Please contact the superuser, Glennys Mensing, if you are interested in getting training on this tool.