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Nikon E600FN with Full Scope and High NA Objectives



The 600FN is an upright trinocular research microscope designed for patch clamp experiments and live cell imaging.  It features a specimen clearance angle of 45 degrees that facilitates trouble-free micromanipulations. The structure allows a large cooled CCD camera to be used without vibration while specimens are micromanipulated and imaged.



Main Body- 12V/100W DC input connector and ground terminal on left side (external power supply); base support brackets with rubber feet on bottom.

Revolving Nosepiece and Focusing Mechanism- Sliding-type two objective nosepiece fixed to main body; objective click detent may be turned-off during magnification changes to eliminate vibration; nosepiece focuses up-down; lever mechanism to lift objective is separate from focus 8mm upward and 1mm downward stroke; parfocal distance adjustment; DIC prism slots in nosepiece.

Focusing Knob- Located on top of arm; coarse/fine on right and fine on left side; fine focusing knob can be re-positioned on front of arm or front of base by belt mechanism; focusing stroke 20.5mm upward; movement per rotation 38mm coarse, 0.3mm fine.

Stage- Three-plate mechanical stage, removable from main body; with insertable stage ring; vertical X,Y control handle on left side; with X/Y vernier scale; with four support pillars; right and left side supplementary plates removable from main portion of stage; movement stroke of X/Y is 30 x 30 mm.

Substage- Fixed to main body; condenser focus knob on right side; up-down stroke is 27mm; distance between bottom of substage and IR polarizer unit is 41.6mm; Accepts E600/E400 stages.

Diascopic Illumination Filter Unit- Removable from main body; consists of ND8, ND32 and NCB11A filters in the filter unit; filters exchangeable.

Lamphouse- 12V/100W halogen; precentered without heat-absorbing filter.