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Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory
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Guava Technologies EasyCyte Plus Flow Cytometer


The Guava EasyCyte™ Plus System provides absolute cell counts and has six parameters (4 fluorescent colors, 2 light scatter) and a blue laser for access to commonly used fluorescent dyes.
It also offers a fourth color option, which, when combined with the built-in 96-well autosampler, offers the ability to complete more complex biological sampling.  The system can also monitor the interplay of up to four different biological mechanisms simultaneously to improve the efficiency of experimental outputs.  This has the capability to shorten the number of iterations for an experiment and it closer mimicks the complex biological responses within the body.
The system can run all Guava Assays and can simultaneously monitor extracellular and intracellular events.


Dimension:  13" (33cm) h x 16" (40.6 cm) w x 22.5" (57.2 cm) d
Weight:  80 lbs (35.6 kg) with laptop
Light scatter: Forward and Side Scatter
Sample Format:  Combined 96-well plate/10 tubes
Four Photodetectors: Green, Orange, Red, Near Infrared


  1. Automated analyzer
  2. Standard built-in 96-well plate/10 tube format
  3. Laptop computer with optional mouse
  4. Option: Integrate with external robotic arm or liquid handler via Guava Link Software