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BioTek NanoQuot Liquid Dispenser 



The NanoQuot™ is an affordable, low volume dispensing solution for applications in life science research and drug discovery. Sub-microliter dispensing offers scientists increased assay throughput and lower reagent expenses. The NanoQuot dispenses these volumes down to 100 nl precisely and accurately.  As the best value in sub-microliter dispensers available today, BioTek's NanoQuot helps researchers transition into high density, low volume microplate formats with an incomparable price-to-performance ratio, while also maintaining backward compatibility with existing formats and volumes.


  1. ELISA
  2. Cell-based assays
  3. PCR setups
  4. Diluent dispensing
  5. Compound distribution
  6. Compound storage
  7. Compound reformatting


  1. Value based approach to sub-microliter, non-contact dispensing
  2. Wide volume range from 0.1 to 40 µl
  3. Multiple microplate formats: 96-, 384- and 1536-well microplates
  4. Superior dispense precision and accuracy: < 5% CV at 1 µl
  5. Exceptionally small footprint conserves precious benchtop space
  6. Variable microplate heights
  7. Organic solvent compatible including 100% DMSO
  8. Uncomplicated user interface guarantees simple setup
  9. Dead volume < 2 ml ensures negligible reagent loss
  10. Optional BioStack™ Microplate Stacker for increased throughput
  11. Ideal for handling buffers, protein solutions and cells


Microplate Types:  96-, 384-, and 1536-well microplates
Fluid Delivery:  Precision solenoid valves with pressurized dispense system
Onboard Software:  Uncomplicated user interface: easy access to microplate type, dispense volume and liquid profile
PC Software:  NanoQuot PC Control (included), For PC dispense protocol programming.  Interface Software (included) For robotic system integration
Interface:  RS-232
Automation:  BioStack™ Compatible. Computer control command set available for third party integrations.

Dispensing Speed:  10 µL, 96-well Microplate: 4 sec; 5 µL, 384-well Microplate: 9 sec;  1 µL, 1536-well Microplate: 20 sec
Volume Range:  100 nL to 40 µL with aqueous solutions
Dispense Accuracy:  + 5% typical at volumes > 1 µL; + 10% typical at 500 nL; + 10% typical at 100 nL
Dispense Precision:  < 5% CV typical at volumes >1 µL; < 10% CV typical at 500 nL; < 10% CV typical at 100 nL
Number of Channels: 8
Number of Reagents:  1
Dead Volume:  < 2 mL
Sterilization:  Chemical

-Physical Characteristics-
Power:  100 to 250 V~, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions:  12.5" D x 12" W x 8" H (32 cm x 31 cm x 20 cm)
Weight:  15.7 lbs (7.1 kg)