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Axon GenePix 4200A Microarray Scanner


The 4200A array scanner is a laser-based data acquisition system. During the scanning process, a single laser beam excites a micron-sized spot on the sample microarray/microscope slide. Emitted light from the sample is returned through the excitation lens to be collected with the photomultiplier tube (PMT). The light signal is amplified by the PMT and converted into a digital value that is used to create the corresponding image.

Product Detail:

MDS Analytical Technologies is the industry's premier microarray scanner manufacturer and has established a reputation for high-precision, low-noise detection systems with the series of Axon GenePix Array Scanners.

1. Scanning resolution: 2.5-5.0 µm for high density arrays

2. Two-color multispectral imaging is achieved with blue (488 nm) and green (532 nm) solid-state diode or diode-pumped continuous-wave lasers.

• Sequential scanning: ~5 min per channel per slide

• Laser power attenuation: 5% to 100% (1% steps)

• Focus range: adjustable between -50 µm and 100 µm (1 µm steps)

3. A 16-position emission filter wheel for enhanced flexibility:

• 525 WB20 QDot

• 565 WB20 QDot

• 585 WB20 QDot

• 605- 840 WB80

• 655- 710 AF40

• 800- WB80

• Texas Red

• Standard Green Cy3

• GRN filter Cy3 E

• Standard Blue Alexa 488

• Blue Alexa 488 E

4. Image detection device: 16-bit PMT

5. Compatible with a range of applications:

• Array CGH (aCGH)

• Chromatin Immunoprecipitation

• DNA methylation

• Gene Expression

• MicroRNA (miRNA)

• Molecular Diagnostics

• Protein Arrays

• Resequencing

• Sequence capture arrays

• SNP genotyping

• Tissue Arrays

6. Complete GenePix Pro analysis software included.

• Create multiple independent scan and analysis areas per array slide

• Integrated package for one-step image acquisition and analysis

• Industry-standard Axon file formats GenePix® Array List (GAL) and GenePix Results (GPR) files

• Find and analyze features of any shape - elliptical, square, and arbitrary irregular

• Additional metrics and visualization tools for quality control analysis

• Seamlessly export results to Acuity software database

• Export results as MAGE-ML files

• One of the most easy-to-use microarray analysis software

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