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Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory
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Asylum MFP-3D-BIO AFM on Olympus IX81 microscope


The Asylum MFP-3D AFM is integrated with Olympus IX81 inverted microscope. It provides the capability of simultaneous atomic force microscopy and fluorescence microscopy imaging. Extended AFM scanner provides up to 40um Z range for cell imaging. AFM tip is monitored by superluminescent diode with an 860nm wavelength to achieve a flat baseline in force curves and images, and enable use of red fluorophores such as (TXRED, Cy5). Closed fluid cell and BioHeater are included to conduct dynamic experiments and maintain living cells under physiological temperatures. Fluorescence excitation is provided by X-Cite(120) white light source with three selectable Olympus fluorescence filters for DAPI(358nm), GFP(488nm) and TXRED (595nm) dyes. IX81 inverted microscope currently has 10X, 20X and 40X objective lenses. Fluorescence image is captured by Hamamatsu ORCA-AG camera with high sensitivity in VIS-NIR region.

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AFM Training Video by Asylum Research Scientist Dr. Nicholas Geisse

Introduction to AFM (~2hr)

Training Video 1-- AC mode imaging in air (~2hr)

Training Video 2 -- Calibration of cantilever and force curve (~30min)

Training Video 3 -- Contact mode imaging in air (~20min)

Training Video 4 -- Contact mode and AC mode imaging in liquid (~40min)

Training Video 5 -- BioHeater (~35min)

Optical Microscope Training Video (~10min)

Humidity Control Flow Cell

Introduction for humiditiy control flow cell

Video upper half

Membrane Clamp

Seal the cell

Centering the scanner

Putting the cell onto the head

Releasing the paddles

Piezo pad replacement

Last Updated: Jan 2009

  AFM image of collagen fiber with repeated 66nm binding
  AFM image of cell in PBS solution