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Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory
208 North Wright Street Urbana, Illinois 61801


Office hours 8:30a - 5:00p


Phone: 217-333-3097
Fax: 217-244-6375


BioNanotechnology Laboratories (BNL)

The BioNanotechnology Laboratories (BNL) within the Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory are comprised of physically distinct but functionally complementary individual laboratory areas where interdisciplinary biological and micro and nanotechnology research experiments can be carried out simultaneously. These labs fulfill the need for existence of biological laboratories within engineering fabrication and characterization areas for biomedical sensors and device research.  The BioNanotechnology Laboratories are designed to be capable of handling the physical and instrumental needs of BioMEMS and BioNEMS research and these labs are subdivided into the following functional areas: cryostorage and sterilization area, fixed and flex space micro/nano research workbench areas, polymer devices and nanodevices lab, mammalian cell culture lab, prokaryotic cell culture lab, BioAFM lab, optical and fluorescence microscopy lab, nanophotonics area, DNA patterning/microarray area.  Another important aspect of BNL is that these labs operate under biosafety level 2 (BSL2) conditions and are suitable for research with infectious agents or biological research classified at BSL2. These labs are access controlled and strict user training is required prior to initiation of any type of biological research.

Some advanced equipment housed within the BNL includes, an Asylum Research biological AFM (BioAFM) integrated with a fluorescence microscope, multiple advanced optical and fluorescence microscopes (upright and inverted configurations), DNA micropatterning instrumentation, LCR meters, BSL2 hoods, chemical hoods, a controlled environment glovebox, CO2 Cell culture incubators, nanopositioning and nanopatterning instrumentation, ultra low light imaging and image analysis system, microfluidics instrumentation (syringe pumps, xyz positioners, flow controllers, etc), a TSI electrospray generator and a TSI airborne nanoparticle capture setup, numerous electrical characterization instrumentation among many others.

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Angana SenPan, PhD
Manager, BioNano Lab
Micro and Nanotechnology Laboratory
208 North, Wright Street
Urbana, Illinois 61801
angana (at) illinois (dot) edu